Process technologies of the future

Novel approaches to biotech research presented at an inspirational afternoon hosted by DANSK BIOTEK, BIOPRO and Zealand International. Next step is an international pitch in June.

Biotech is all about timing, real time analysis and accuracy. Therefore, the innovative and tailor-made approaches to research, upscaling and manufacturing that smaller startups can provide are a crucial contribution to optimal development in the big biotech companies. Nine startup companies operating under the biotech cluster umbrella BIOPRO are now commercially viable in Denmark and ready for internationalisation. Last week, seven took part in a pitch event at Cobis.

BIOPRO’s Director, Jesper Bryde, was pleased to be able to present so many biotech companies ranging from optic scanning of cell morphology to visualisation platforms for operational excellence.

“We have worked intensely with these companies for more than two years and I am proud to see that our collaborative approach with universities and large bio companies works so well and has been instrumental in their development. The presentations at today’s conference certainly shows us that the companies are ready for upscaling further,” says Bryde.

The bio companies presenting their technologies were:

  • ParticleTech: Continuous monitoring of particles with image analysis. A powerful tool for industrial process optimization applications giving companies a very reliable picture of what goes on in a tank. Among present customers are Novozymes and Novo Nordisk.
  • IntuBio: Creating faster microbial analysis results. Fast bacteria indication in 20 minutes and fast growth detection in 3-6 hours.
  • NLIR – Nonlinear Infrared Sensors, Mid Infrared Spectrometers: Measures the spectra of gasses (transmission) liquids (ATR) or materials (reflection) in milliseconds. Fast, sensitive and rugged. Build for In-Line measurements.
  • Cellview: Real-time 360 degrees monitoring of fermentation processes. Helps the industry measure several measured processes – a factory inside the factory. The industry needs a special approach to adopt industry 4.0. A technology partner for ParticleTech and others.
  • BioLean: A real time visualisation platform for operational excellence - a tool to realise the full potential of installed production capacity in biotech.
  • Enabled Robotics: Enabling robot arms by providing mobility and enabling mobile robots with complex task solving capabilities.
  • Bioscavenge: A cost effective, easy to use, safe and environmentally friendly technological solution for resource recovery from waste flows in biotech production. Customers are large enzyme businesses.

About the event:

The event was arranged by Dansk Biotek, BIOPRO and Zealand International and took place at Cobis, Copenhagen Science Park in Copenhagen on 16 May 2019. Several BIOPRO partners were present. Next step is a visit to Munich three days in June were all companies will participate and meet global biotech players.


Nine startups presently operate under the BIOPRO Umbrella - and more are being created based on ideas from the universities and the industry. The startup companies get access to discuss and test their technologies with the participating companies and universities, they get financial support and guidance from BIOPRO and Zealand International and in this way get help to develop their companies towards addressing the global market needs. The BIOPRO companies have created new 40 high tech jobs.

Contact: Project Director Jesper Bryde-Jacobsen,