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Project overview

BIOPRO has a portfolio of projects based on industry needs to increase yield and sustainability as well as to challenge new research. Projects are executed on the basis of close collaboration between universities and businesses with the aim of improving full-scale biotech manufacturing knowledge and performance.

We execute a number of projects in 6 project groups:

Our aim is to optimize full scale fermentation with new ways to operate and new technology.

We will improve efficiency of recovery process in biotech manufacturing.

In order to understand full scale operations we focus on developing real time monitoring of key critical parameters.

We will move from optimizing single unit operations to optimize plants and enterprise wide operations.

Biotech manufacturing are water and energy intensive plants and we develop technology to improve the environmental footprint.

In BIOPRO we work on talent development and collaboration between universities and Companies.

Future project groups

Potential future project groups are in the pipeline and are being developed. These include focus on the reuse of water.

All projects are headed by a project manager; please contact BIOPRO in order to get in touch with the project manager.



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