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25 of the world's greatest biotech talents zoom in on the biotech industry in Region Zealand

Once a year, World Talent Campus brings together 25 of the leading talents in the world in the field of biotechnological production. The specially selected talents are primarily PhD students, and this year no less than 19 of the world's best universities are represented. The students will work with current cases from the companies in the biotech industry in Region Zealand, including, among others, Novo Nordisk, Novozymes, CP Kelco, Chr. Hansen and Xellia.

Will solve concrete problems

In week 34 it kicks off once again. 25 expectant talents will arrive at Sorø Science Center, which is the scene of part of the activities at this year's BIOPRO World Talent Campus. During the week, the participants will here receive training from the University of Copenhagen and The Technical University of Denmark (DTU), which are both partners of BIOPRO, and the participants will be introduced to a current case from one of the partner companies which they will solve in groups over two days. In the course of the programme, the talents will visit the production at several of these companies – and to complete the programme, they will present their case solution to representatives from both universities and companies. A week packed with learning, knowledge sharing and social events.

Branding and investment in focus

Michael Hallgren, who is on the Board of the BIOPRO collaboration, tells that World Talent Campus is part of a long-term strategy to brand Region Zealand and the biotech companies to some of the world's leading talents in biotech:

”Region Zealand, and not least Kalundborg, is a hotspot within biotech production. This means that there is a great need to establish a strong food chain when it comes to the future of labour in the local area. BIOPRO World Talent Campus must contribute to this and in this way strengthen the recruitment of skilled labour and contribute to creating further innovation and growth in the local area. In that connection, we also hope that the talents' knowledge about the local area will lead to future investments from foreign biotechnology companies”, Michael Hallgren says.

A unique experience

A talent from World Talent Campus 2016 confirms that the initiative has the desired effect. Isuru Sampath Bandara Abeykoon Udugama, who is originally from Sri Lanka but has lived and studied in New Zealand for many years, has since his participation in World Talent Campus joined DTU in Lyngby, north of Copenhagen, and now lives in North Zealand:

“Definitely, BIOPRO World Talent Campus didn't disappoint, it was a unique experience. The balance between academic content and industry insights was perfect as well as hard work and play. Within the short time span, World Talent Campus was able to showcase both the advanced state of Danish biotech as well as Danish culture”, Isuru Sampath Bandara Abeykoon Udugama says about his participation in BIOPRO World Talent Campus.

Knowledge that makes a difference

Jesper Bryde, who is managing director of BIOPRO, tells that the students very much bring their skills into play during the campus week:

”We look forward to welcoming the many skilled talents and to spending a week with them. They come with knowledge and a drive that usually make a difference to the participating companies – and it is a great pleasure to follow their very serious work with the business case and, not least, to experience their presentations”.

World Talent Campus is organised by the partners of BIOPRO with support of the Novo Nordisk Foundation.




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25 of the world's greatest biotech talents zoom in on the biotech industry in Region Zealand

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BIOPRO poster at the CAPEC-PROCESS 2015 meeting
At the Annual DTU CAPEC-PROCESS meeting a BIOPRO project poster was presented. The CAPEC-PROCESS annual meeting was held in Copenhagen on June 5, 2015.
Invitation to BIOPRO World Talent Campus

From the 18th to the 22nd of August the World Talent Campus gathers 24 of the world's leading talents within biotech production. The invitation to the closing presentation at the event has been sent out now.

University talents learned about the opportunities offered by BIOPRO Academy

University students and high-school talents recently gathered at BIOPRO Academy in Kalundborg, Denmark, to hear more about BIOPRO and the projects supported by the partnership. 

BIOPRO boosts growth for small enterprise

The small enterprise Q-Interline has worked out a new business concept on the back of the results achieved by the BIOPRO partnership. 

Based on its collaboration with BIOPRO, Q-Interline has developed its production and now expects its turnover in the after-sales market to soar by 50 percent.

How to get more innovation out of R&D billions

In spite of a high level of R&D Denmark does not get enough innovation out of its investments. BIOPRO has developed a new collaboration model to strengthen ties between universities and industry. The aim is more growth and job creation.


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